Labor’s problem: workers or the self-employed?

Labor 93-10

Using the Australian Election Survey and logistic regression to estimate impact of becoming self-employed on the votes of male manual workers. I have also included deunionisation (a likely consequence of self-employment). This chart shows predicted Labor vote 1993-2010. Summary self-employment has a negative impact on Labor vote but this impact has actually declined slightly since […]

Why are tradespeople (relatively) left-wing?

In the outpouring of commentary about the NSW election the old stereotype of conservative tradesman reappeared. I looked at the 2010 Australian Election Survey. Unfortunately it asked few questions with a direct relevance to class politics. Past scholarship did address this question Class Analysis and Contemporary Australia sought to test Marxist and Weberian models of […]

The Craiglist controversy

The United States has flourishing sex industry which is nominally illegal except in Nevada. But Nevada itself is hardly a libertarian utopia the system of legalized brothels imposes exceptionally high levels of control over their employees. The current controversy about ‘adult services’ on Craigslist has raised these issues.