Geoffrey Blainey, immigration and conservatism then and now

Scott Morrison’s comments on Muslims recall the glory days of 1980s conservatism when many conservatives (and some nervous lefties) believed that they had found a xenophobic master key to public opinion. John Howard’s musing on ‘Asian’ immigration were the high or low point. Labor government and Bob Hawke in particular wrapped themselves in the banner […]

Jack Lang, Sarah & Barack

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Joke of the Day Even if Sarah Palin’s resignation speech wasn’t quite as bad as Jon Stewart’s version it was still woeful.  An interesting article in Boston Phoenix highlights the self-contained world of movement conservatives and the money to be made […]

Kay BH vs. Rick & Sarah: a 2012 preview?

Watching Urban Cowboy set in Texas in 1980 the other night and noting Sarah Palin’s self-indulgent resignation made me think about Texas politics as a template for American conservatism. Unlike other southern states its rightward shift was driven more by economics than race as the post-war explosion of the Sunbelt generated a new rich. Incumbent […]