Alison Anderson and the Maori Party

¬† Thought I had demonstrated initiative when last year I added a discussion of the Northern Territory government to my lecture on Indigenous Self-Determination in Australian Identities: Indigenous & Multicultural. Considered it more politically interesting than ATSIC which preoccupied the Unit materials perhaps because it fits the general academic preoccupation with the Howard government. Since […]

Liberal interventionism from Iraq to the NT

Reading a book review (of Ilan Peleg The Legacy of George W. Bush’s Foreign Policy: Moving beyond Neoconservatism) by Inderjeet Parmaron. The reviewer¬† suggested more of a continuity between George W. Bush’s ‘neoconservative’ foreign policy and that of his predecessors and successors than Peleg argued. Parmaron emphasises the overlaps between neoconservatism and liberal interventionism: The […]