The end of British Labour?

Not going well for British Labour as it desperately evokes the memory of past achievements.  There are other examples recently of once major political parties collapsing to third (or less) party status: Israeli Labour or the Polish social democrats are examples. Is the problem with British Labour that its institutions and practices reflect a past […]

The Greens and the Nationals: history repeating?

Can the Tasmanian Greens learn from the fate of the National Party? I raised this question with students in my Contemporary Australian Politics tutorials today, before the news of the Green entry to cabinet.

Tasmanian Labor and Queensland Nationals

Could Tasmanian Labor go the way of the Queensland Nationals? One it was common to argue that Queensland was politically distinct from the rest of Australia, the special 1987 issues of Social Alternatives was an example. The Bjelke-Petersen regime and the dominance of conservative politics by the Country/National Party provided evidence for this argument.