What do Labor and Green voters think of each other?

AES_1998-2010_views of Greensjpg

Further to last post I continue examination of the beliefs of Australians as revealed in the Australian Election Survey from 1998 to 2010. Asking voters were they position themselves on a left-right spectrum where 0 is furthest to the left and 10 furthest to the right might seem abstract but analysis suggests that these classification […]

Tony Abbott as National Party leader

Discussing the National Party tomorrow morning on ABC Ballarat, some thoughts (which build on my predictions before the last election): For decades political observers have chronicled the decline of the National Party, and predicted the party‚Äôs final demise, in particular some have argued that the dismantling of agricultural market regulation would be fatal to the […]

The Greens and the Nationals: history repeating?

Can the Tasmanian Greens learn from the fate of the National Party? I raised this question with students in my Contemporary Australian Politics tutorials today, before the news of the Green entry to cabinet.

Tasmanian Labor and Queensland Nationals

Could Tasmanian Labor go the way of the Queensland Nationals? One it was common to argue that Queensland was politically distinct from the rest of Australia, the special 1987 issues of Social Alternatives was an example. The Bjelke-Petersen regime and the dominance of conservative politics by the Country/National Party provided evidence for this argument.

Sex Discrimination and Emissions Trading: Nationals then and now


Commentators on Australian politics have long maintained a death watch on the National Party and its current woes have seen this topic attract renewed attention. Thinking about this topic, and in particular the Nationals’ appeals to an imagined mass conservative constituency.As as I prepared my lecture on feminism for Modern Political Ideologies. In discussing liberal […]