Labor’s problem is not the Greens

With British Labour performing better than most would have expected this early into the term of the Conservative government partisans of Tony Blair’s legacy, excluded from the current leadership group, resemble voices in the wilderness calling Labour’s long-term prospects into question. Still some of their arguments have relevance for Australian Labor. 

Labor woes: a vaguely Gramscian view from 2003

The failure of Labor’s vote to recover post-election is generating some angst on the left. A pessimistic interpretation might be that Labor’s 2006-2009 ascendancy was an aberrant product of Coalition errors and that the Coalition are now the natural party of federal government. Back in 2003 I made the following observation in a paper on […]

Populism from Bryan to Obama

Barack Obama’s current political woes are slightly overstated, the current Democrat slump has been worsened by a panic reaction to bad economic news, even although the economic evidence viewed overall points to a continuation of the slow recovery.

Business history and socialist history

Working on the relation between government and business in the United States. As part of this reread Alfred Chandler’s exceptional Strategy and Structure and The Visible Hand. One interesting point is that although the 1930s are a time when theories of ‘monopoly capitalism’ gain major following and Gramsci develops the concept of ‘Fordism’, it is […]