Wall Street vs. Main Street Democrats?

Although buried in marking doing some work on my paper on American liberalism and capitalist development based on my recent Sydney presentation to a symposium on social democratic governments and business. One aspect is the relation between the Democrats and business and the question of ‘corporate liberalism’ apparent in current debates about financial regulation.  We […]

Oliver Williamson and American liberalism

Lecturing recently in Modern Political Ideologies I observed that classical liberalism are not entirely incompatible, classical liberals were concerned about workers’ subordination in the production process and about the rise of corporate capitalism. Currently rereading Oliver Williamson’s The Economic Institutions of Capitalism, doubly appropriate because of his recent Nobel Prize in economics. An interesting milestone […]

Labor, Telstra and anti-trust

Much drama about Labor’s announcement on Telstra to force a split of the wholesale and retail arms. In retrospect the debate about whether or not the public should retain majority holding in Telstra looks as relevant as the question of bank nationalisation was to 1950s banking policy. There has been coincidentally an acrimonious debate as […]