This is a selection of Geoff’s articles, conference papers, interviews and Deakin University Study Guide chapters on Australian politics:

Contribution to The Conversation on the Health Services Union (7 May 2012)

Labor’s Populist Turn Unlikely to Succeed The Conversation (9 May 2012)

Slipper Saga begs the Question The Conversation (23 April 2012)

Winners and losers: the ALP leadership spill and the triumph of the insiders The Conversation (27 February 2012)

Rudd’s presidential politics vs Gillard’s Westminster wisdom: who will win out in the style battle? The Conversation (24 February 2012) (with David Lowe).

Contribution to The Conversation on Murray-Darling Plan (28 November 2011).

Contribution to The Conversation on resignation of Speaker (24 November 2011).

The end of the Keating-Howard-Rudd-Gillard era? (Online Opinion, 6 September 2011)

Why Labor lost in New South Wales (Online Opinion, 29 March 2011)

The death of labourism (The Drum, 17 January 2011)

The National Interest (interview on the Corangamite electorate, 6 August 2010)

Judging Julia (Online Opinion, 16 July 2010)

The coming culture wars (Online Opinion, 26 February 2008)

Labor lefts past and present (ABC News Comment, 7 January 2008)

Death of the Democrats ? (Geoff contributed to this ABC Radio Late Night Live discussion on 27 November 2007).

John Howard, Australian Conservative (ABC News Comment, 25 November 2007).

Nats may be heading into the wilderness, forever (The Age, 5 September 2007).

A word of advice to the Premier (The Age, 30 July 2007).

Steve Bracks; Quiet Trialblazer (ABC News Comment, 27 July 2007)

Some Country People Are More Equal Than Others (text of Crikey article of 9 July 2007).

Herbert Spencer in the suburbs: class, politics, ideology and the Australian petty-bourgeoisie in the Howard years (refereed paper at the 2006 Australasian Political Studies Association conference).

Classical liberals’ and the Howard government: neo-liberals and social conservatism (presented at the Overland conference; ‘Relaxed and comfortable? Challenging John Howard’s Australia’ , 10 March 2006)

‘Australia: distinctive democracy’ chapter on Australian politics for AIX290 Australia Today Study Guide, this is a subject for international and exchange students.

‘Australian work, global work’ , chapter on Australian industrial relations for AIA331 Global Australia Study Guide.

The Future of Public Ownership; some Australian and East European comparisons, Socialist Forum, March 1994 [yes this is the Socialist Forum of recent fame].

“The road to Joh: Australian conservative intellectuals and the ‘new right” (this was written around 1988 and I was unable to find a publisher. I certainly would not defend of all it now, particularly the polemical style and the crude attack on Idealism but it still has value in highlighting the authoritarianism and ‘populism’ of the new right and the first forgotten chapter of the ‘history wars’. Much of it anticipates what happened after 1996 which surprised many).

This is a selection of Geoff’s articles and conference papers on international politics:

‘Late Marxism and Parliamentary Government: Indian Communism Today’ in H. Lofgren & P. Sarangi, eds., The Politics and Culture of Globalisation: India and Australia,New Delhi, Social Sciences Press (available from Berghan).

American Conservatism – still not dead (Article published on ABC Online, September 2008)

‘We have no role model’: Indo-Communism, globalisation and governance in the postcommunist era (accompanying very large PowerPoint here ) (Paper presented to the Deakin University & University of Hyderabad conference Challenges of Globalization; Indian and Australian Perspectives, December 9, 2006).

American political lessons for Australia? (Article published in Online Opinion, November 2006)

Elections Past and Future in Australia and the United States (PowerPoint presentation to Social Education Victoria, 3 December 2007. Location of videos shown is here).

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