About Geoff Robinson

Geoffpic23Dr Geoff Robinson is an Australian political scientist and historian.

He teaches at the Geelong campus of Deakin University and blogs on Australian and international politics.

Geoff’s book, When the Labor Party Dreams: Class, Politics and Policy in New South Wales 1930-32 has been published in April 2009.

He provides regular political commentary for ABC radio, and a wide range of other media outlets, including SBS, the BBC, The Bulletin and The Age.

Geoff is able to provide comment on Australian state and federal politics, elections, American and international politics. He has published widely on these topics, and has presented widely on these topics. He has presented to conferences in Australia, United States and India.

Geoff has undergraduate degrees in politics, history and law from the Universities of Sydney and Melbourne, a PhD in Australian history from Monash University and a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education form Deakin University.

Geoff teaches Australian history, Australian Studies and politics at Deakin University.

He has taught at Monash University, and worked in higher education policy development and research management. His research interests include:

  • Australian political and economic history
  • American history and politics
  • Labour and business history
  • Quantitative methods in history
  • Socialist thought and practice
  • Law and politics
  • Australian political thought

His official Deakin University list of research outputs is available here.

Geoff was born in Sydney. He lives with his partner in Geelong.

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