1972 election revisited

Recently reread Henry Mayer’s Labor to Power: Australia’s 1972 Election. A mine of interesting facts:

1. The careful planning behind ‘It’s Time’ and the view of some in the ALP it was an unseemly American style gimmick, think Kevin07;

2. the belief of many in the Coalition and the ALP that immigration could be a vote-winner for the government and the use of immigration-based appeals by some Coalition candidates. This seems to have been specifically directed to recent British migrants.

3. David Kemp’s attempt in ‘A leader and a philosophy’ to argue that ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’ within the Liberal party were both essentially liberal, because certain forms of human action, 1.e. consumption of drugs and pornography (Kemp seems to include homosexuality in this) undermine opportunities for self-realisation and freedom. In his later work such as Politics and Authority Kemp gave on this argument and offered no ground for his liberal-conservative fusion;

4. The popularity of Doug Anthony which so contrasts with the Nationals’ current woes ;

5. The DLP’s campaign against permissiveness;

6. The Queensland ballot for the single Senate vacancy, in which Neville Bonner polled better than the Coalition in Labor seats but noticeably worse in Kennedy and Maranoa (although the Kennedy result may have reflected Katter’s personal vote). The Queensland Country Party refused to issue a Senate card for Bonner despite him being the Coalition candidate;

7. the centrality of DLP preferences for the Coalition is confirmed by evidence of a high turnover of DLP votes from election to election

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