Following in the footsteps of the CPRS?

Labor is showing the signs of becoming obsessed about the Greens the same way they became obsessed by John Howard. Labor ministers have a point when they criticise the Greens for voting against the Rudd government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme but they sound rather like Greens complaining correctly that voters wildly overestimate the significance of asylum-seeker arrivals by boat. The debate is both cases has been lost, although in the case of asylum-seekers it was probably never there to be won. The other problem with CPRS politics is that the the Rudd government believed they that the CPRS provided a master tool to divide the Coalition. Lindsay Tanner admitted as much recently. The recent enthusiasm for nuclear power by some ALP ministers demonstrates that very little has been learnt from the CPRS experience. Nuclear power would only be viable if power prices were substantially increased or with large-scale subsidies. Do the ALP enthusiasts for nuclear power realise this, or are they looking for a policy that they hope will divide the Greens (as some conservatives hope) or as something else to talk about rather than gay marriage? These concerns are a very bad basis on which to determine public policy.

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