Rudd’s past

Looking over Rudd’s complaint about the ABC songbook for children having a song about the stolen generation (when I was a child they had Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief etc.). Rudd’s experience as head of the Queensland cabinet office has received some attention but it focused almost entirely on the Goss government’s […]

Labor for sexual capitalism?

The NSW parliament has recently passed legislation directed against ‘illegal brothels’. However sex workers organisations complain that it could led to action being taken against sex workers who work from home. The Bill (text here) provides that a premise may be a brothel even if used by only one worker, and it expedites the process […]

Collective bargaining

Criticism of Australian Labor’s industrial relations proposals: Forward With Fairness have largely focused on the AWA issue. However it aims to implement a commitment to ‘good faith’ bargaining with worker support for collective bargaining to be determined by a range of criteria such as union membership, petitions and ballots. Interesting that this issue is on […]

Remembering Richard Rorty

The passing of Richard Rorty attracted little attention in Australia, although there was a discussionof his philosophical work on the ABC. His specifically political work was ignored. Rorty identified himself strongly with the old anticommunist left, in his Achieving Our Country: ‘the war against Stalin was as legitimate, and as needed as the war against […]