Catholic activists and racism

Interesting to note the incorporation of Australian Catholic conservatives into the Australian conservative movement. This is apparent in the recent anti-Muslim rhetoric of Greg Sheridan and Kevin Andrews which echoes themes of less prominent Catholic activists such as Bill Muehelberg and Cory Bernardi. This is an interesting shift. Defence of White Australia was a core […]

Kelvin Thompson, immigration and public opinion

Immigration & voter ideology

Do left-wing critics of immigration, such as Labor MP Kelvin Thompson, speak for a significant constituency?Joshua Gans seems to think so and argues that debates about immigration ‘cut across usual left-right divides’, evidence for this could include right-wing libertarians who support high immigration.  It is true that 1970s doomsday fears of overpopulation were  an early […]

Criminal politics?

Violence against Indian students in Australia has attracted growing attention, it is undertaken for the purposes of robbery but also includes a distinct racial element. The PhD thesis by far-right activist Jim Saleam contains an interesting discussion of anti-Asian skinhead violence in the 1980s and 1990s. This violence was fictionalised in Romper Stomper. Could we […]

Race, public opinion and ‘Black Conservatism’

Recent years in Australia have seen much debate about indigenous affairs. However this has largely the taken the form of a media driven debate between indigenous ‘leaders’. There has been almost no attention to a more nuanced examination of indigenous opinion. Recently read Harris-Lacewell’s Barbershops, Bibles and BET an example of the sort of book […]

Austrlia’s Nunavut?

Next week I am lecturing on the vexed topic of ‘Aboriginal self-determination’. As I point out the rapid colonisation of Australia and the suitability of the Australian landscape to European agriculture meant that the indigenous population was largely wiped out after 1788 due to disease, deliberate killing and associated social collapse. Northern Australia is a […]

Australia’s deep north?

The Saturday election in the Northern Territory saw a substantial swing against the incumbent Labor party which seems to have returned with a one-seat majority. The party returned to the level of support it had enjoyed in 2001 when it first won government in the Territory. In 2005 it had a landslide victory. The closeness […]