Hispanics in the US

Interesting report from Pew on the perceptions of young American Hispanics: it is clear that many of today’s Latino youths, be they first or second generation, are straddling two worlds as they adapt to the new homeland. According to the Pew Hispanic Center’s National Survey of Latinos, more than half (52%) of Latinos ages 16 […]

Global futures

Gallup migration

In teaching Australian Identities: Indigenous & Multicultural I include some big picture speculation about the future. I draw on Jeffrey Williamson’s 2003 Noel Butlin lecture on world factor migrations and demographic transitions. Williamson describes how 19th century migration was driven by the desire of the young to escape European overpopulation and poverty for the much […]

Catholic activists and racism

Interesting to note the incorporation of Australian Catholic conservatives into the Australian conservative movement. This is apparent in the recent anti-Muslim rhetoric of Greg Sheridan and Kevin Andrews which echoes themes of less prominent Catholic activists such as Bill Muehelberg and Cory Bernardi. This is an interesting shift. Defence of White Australia was a core […]

Criminal politics?

Violence against Indian students in Australia has attracted growing attention, it is undertaken for the purposes of robbery but also includes a distinct racial element. The PhD thesis by far-right activist Jim Saleam contains an interesting discussion of anti-Asian skinhead violence in the 1980s and 1990s. This violence was fictionalised in Romper Stomper. Could we […]

How not to win with race politics

Things must be bad for Australian conservatives when their favourite newspaper The Australian editorialises on the great days when Pauline Hanson and One Nation were a political force. This is an exercise in intellectual conservative pseudo-populist fantasies. It declares that: it is necessary to recognise two big misrepresentations that have been made about the rise […]

1972 election revisited

Recently reread Henry Mayer’s Labor to Power: Australia’s 1972 Election. A mine of interesting facts: 1. The careful planning behind ‘It’s Time’ and the view of some in the ALP it was an unseemly American style gimmick, think Kevin07; 2. the belief of many in the Coalition and the ALP that immigration could be a […]

Immigration politics

The future of Australia is to be of accelerating ethnic diversity. Could immigration become a major political issue, as it has in Europe and the US, and can being a major issue actually change votes. In the US conservative activists are mobilised about immigration but it doesn’t seem to mobilise swing voters. An interesting article […]

Immigration and conservatives

The high profile of the immigration issue among American conservatives attracts little attention in Australia, perhaps because liberals find it easier to complain about evangelical Christians. McCain’s rise shows that immigration matters less among even conservative voters than many thought. But we need to distinguish between conservatives and ‘the conservative movement’. As a neo-conservative defender […]