Sucrogen and White Australia

Long before CSR meant ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ there was another CSR, the former Colonial Sugar Refining Company. Its history is deeply entangled with that of Australia in so many ways, including as an example of Labor’s accommodation with corporate capitalism and racism. The sale of CSR’s sugar division is noteworthy.

Rural romanticism?

A collection of platitudes by Craig Emerson. I was struck by the following statement: Governments must not imprison the disadvantaged by subjugating them to the state, robbing them of self-esteem and condemning them to a life of dependency; governments must liberate them by providing opportunity for all in a truly fair society. Let us not […]

Drought relief

Interesting to note the new government’s foreshadowed chnages to drought relief to review the Exceptional Circumstances on the grounds it may be sustaining unsustainable properties. It would too much too hope that public policy address the needs of those rural Australians in worst circumstances; the indigenous population as I argued last year.

Farm exit programs

In The Australian this morning the government’s doubling of grants under farm exit programs is trumpeted and Dennis Shanahan seems to be unaware that such programs have existed for a very long time. In fact they have existed for decades and the evidence is that they have limited effectiveness in encouraging people to leave farming. […]