Sex Discrimination and Emissions Trading: Nationals then and now


Commentators on Australian politics have long maintained a death watch on the National Party and its current woes have seen this topic attract renewed attention. Thinking about this topic, and in particular the Nationals’ appeals to an imagined mass conservative constituency.As as I prepared my lecture on feminism for Modern Political Ideologies. In discussing liberal […]

Sarah Palin’s gay friend?

Sarah Palin’s struggles suggest that the conservative David Frum was right when he asked conservatives to critically reflect on why they were so enthusiastic about her candidacy when very little was known as what she was actually for, as distinct from what imagined attitudes she was against: If the Palin choice was first and foremost […]

Sexual violence in Australian and American indigenous communities

Tomorrow I lecture to my students on aspects of the social crisis in many Australian indigenous communities where levels of violence and sexual assault both within the communities themselves and also by non-indigenous outsiders has reached critical levels. The most recent in a series of reports on this problem is here. Interesting if depressing to […]

Gay marriage in California

Recent polling suggests that the referendum to overturn the Californian Supreme Court’s recognition of gay marriage will fail. It is currently trailing by 9%. It is interesting that the only ethnic group that supports a ban on gay marriage are Hispanics, yet they are overwhelmingly supportive of the Democrats. Says Harold Meyerson: Now, one theory […]

Historians, gender and experience

Some historians have rushed to play a role in the presidential campaign. We have ‘Historians for Obama’, but Sean Wilentz has endorsed Clinton. Wilentz has stressed Clinton’s experience, the case against this is well represented by David Bell: in terms of experience, the three leading candidates are in fact surprisingly similar: career lawyers with between […]

Sex work again

Some reasonable ideas in an article by Leslie Cannold on sex work, although she does erect a strawperson of those who supposedly argue that: Advocates and opponents of decriminalisation adopt extreme characterisations of women to justify their positions. On one side are the decriminalisation advocates — self-proclaimed unions or advocacy groups for prostitutes — who […]

Labor for sexual capitalism?

The NSW parliament has recently passed legislation directed against ‘illegal brothels’. However sex workers organisations complain that it could led to action being taken against sex workers who work from home. The Bill (text here) provides that a premise may be a brothel even if used by only one worker, and it expedites the process […]