After the revolution: lessons from Latin America

What would a socialist revolution be like? Socialist Alternative has a view If socialism is not Stalinism, it is also much more than a nationalised economy and a few more publicly run services. When we argue that another world is possible, we mean a world free of the class divisions and inequality of capitalism; a […]

Cuban opinion

Some political movements and institutions attract an irrational loyalty, they are seen as expressing the triumph of an idea and hence exempt from rational scrutiny. If American conservatism has shown signs of this so has Communism. The ‘Communist’ regimes were rarely judged by rational criteria by their admirers. An interesting recent survey of Cuban opinion […]

Cybernetics and socialism

A fascinating NY Times article recalls the interest of the Allende government in Chile in developing a national computer network to support democratic socialist economic planning (there is an older Guardian article here). The only Australian reference to the Cybersyn project as it was known can be found in John Mathews’ Cybernetics and Economic Democracy in 1982. […]

Panama and Guantanamo

An article in the NY Times about the Panama canal controversy of the 1970s in the US when the transfer of the canal zone to Panama sparked conservative outrage. The other US outpost in the region remains Guantánamo Bay. If the US was serious about encouraging democracy in Cuba why not pledge to transfer this […]

Communist questions

The retirement of Fidel Castro sparks some silly reflections from the hostile to the sympathetic. I don’t know what Bob Brown’s biographer means when he says that the: There are many humanitarian, health and educational aspects to Cuba that stand as an inspiration to other developing nations around the world. And, perhaps most frustratingly for those […]

Term limits

As I have pointed out previous there is much silliness about Venezuela from the sections of the left. But equally from the right. The NY Times complains about Chavez’s proposed removal of term limits on the presidency. But if voters want to re-elect someone why should be hampered by constitutional restrictions? See a critique of […]

Latin Americans for capitalism?

Looking over the latest Pew Centre research on global public opinion. Latin Americans in seven countries were asked if they believed that most people were better off in a free market economy even although some people were rich and some were poor. In 5 of 7 countries there was a clear majority in support with […]

Cuban dreams

An interesting article in Prospect on Cuba today: Unlike in eastern Europe, where nationalism helped to erode communism, Cuban nationalism has shored up the regime. Castro was always a nationalist in communist clothing, and, throughout the 1990s, the communist references in his speeches were gradually replaced by nationalist ones. The continuing hostilities with the US […]