Cuban dreams

An interesting article in Prospect on Cuba today: Unlike in eastern Europe, where nationalism helped to erode communism, Cuban nationalism has shored up the regime. Castro was always a nationalist in communist clothing, and, throughout the 1990s, the communist references in his speeches were gradually replaced by nationalist ones. The continuing hostilities with the US […]

Collective bargaining

Criticism of Australian Labor’s industrial relations proposals: Forward With Fairness have largely focused on the AWA issue. However it aims to implement a commitment to ‘good faith’ bargaining with worker support for collective bargaining to be determined by a range of criteria such as union membership, petitions and ballots. Interesting that this issue is on […]

Remembering Richard Rorty

The passing of Richard Rorty attracted little attention in Australia, although there was a discussionof his philosophical work on the ABC. His specifically political work was ignored. Rorty identified himself strongly with the old anticommunist left, in his Achieving Our Country: ‘the war against Stalin was as legitimate, and as needed as the war against […]

Georgia Special Election

Is the Georgia special election for the 10th district a Democrat disappointment? The Democrats have not made it into the top two and the run-off will be between two Republicans. When I heard of the election I thought of Gene Taylor’s secure hold on the 4th district of Mississippi, Taylor is a Democrat although probably […]

Action Francaise

Via Art Goldhammer I see that Eugen Weber died recently. I have just reread his Action Francaise, a brilliant analysis of the leading French conservative organisation from its formation in 1908 to its final ignominy under Vichy. It sheds light on the conservative project. Action Francaise started as Catholic, monarchist and conservative, eventually they were […]

A Bloomberg candidacy?

The decision of New York Mayor Micheal Bloomberg to change his party registration from Republican to Independent is widely seen as preparatory to a third-party run for the Presidency. Bloomberg is extremely wealthy but even in the US money can buy only a limited amount of votes. Bloomberg makes the usual claim about political polarisation […]

Geoff’s new blog

Welcome to Geoff Robinson’s blog on WordPress. This has been set up along with his new website Deakin hides staff web pages, such as Geoff’s,  from search engines apparently because the Vice-Chancellor was horrified to find staff using them for advertising so this page has been established. Having been on study leave in semester 1 […]